Good Evening Readers,

I'm writing this from my hotel room in Cleveland OH on the last Friday of my long trip on the road. I did the math today. As of Sunday I will have had 4 flights, driven 4500 miles, for 64 hours, driven through 14 different states (and some of them multiple times),and DJd/Emceed/Played Live Music at 8 different shows...since March 21st. I'm tired.

But...I have to tell you about this trip to New Mexico...

I left Arizona on Tuesday morning and drove to Santa Fe New Mexico to spend some time with my friend Kat Lopez. I arrived in town on Tuesday evening, drove through some snow, and got to my resort that Kat booked for me at about 6:00pm. The views were incredible on the way. Check out some of these pictures

Ok, so fast forward a couple of days and I am finally writing the rest of this from MY OWN BED! It's been a little while since I've had a moment to breathe let alone blog about this adventure.

New Mexico was unbelievable. There is this person, who is hands down one the most genuine and beautiful people you would ever want to know. Her name is Kat. We've known each other for a pretty long time, but it was mostly surface level stuff. Well, Kat lives in Santa Fe and for the last couple of months I have been really looking forward to coming to Santa Fe to see her and spend some one on one time with her. The last time I saw her was at our mutual friend Stacy's wedding in Indianapolis in September? or October? We got to know each other a little better then, but I was in a pretty low point in my life at that time and there were a bunch of people around the whole time. This time was much different.

I arrived on Tuesday evening around 6pm and she had a hotel room booked for me at a resort called Buffalo Thunder. This place was really nice. There was a casino attached to it..which is just trouble for me. She came to pick me up at 7:15 for dinner and while I was waiting for her, the $100.00 bill I had in my wallet was burning a hole. Sooooooo....I went downstairs to the Casino and put it all on RED and it actually hit! So I walked away $100.00 ahead.

It was time for dinner and Kat took me to a Mexican restaurant in town that was really good. I found out quickly that the frozen margaritas had twice the alcohol as the regular margaitas...and I had 2 pretty quickly. I also found out what "Christmas on the side" means. Look it up. Well, I'm definitely a green chili kind of guy.

During dinner Kat started telling me the plans for the next day and I couldn't believe that someone would put that much effort into doing something with me. I was blown away.

She pulled out two small booklets and explained that we were going on a Margarita tour of Santa Fe on Wednesday and that we had to get at least 5 to get a T-Shirt. Then she asked me..."What do all cowboys have to be able to do?" I figured it out immediately.

Anyway, we got to give about 5 toasts that night together and it was really nice. We went to "Cowgirls" in Santa Fe and listened to some really good musicians and another bar with some more great music. We stayed up talking until about 3am when she went home.

The next morning started off so great. We had breakfast/lunch at another Mexican Restaurant and started getting our passport stamped quickly before we made it to the Ranch where we were going horse back riding. We had an hour long trail ride scheduled for 1pm and we were paired up with this really nice British couple on their honeymoon. They were traveling on Route 66 and stopped in. Sounds like a good time right? Anyway, take a look at some of these pics from the day. It was such a great day.

After horseback riding, she gave me a tour of the city. We went boot shopping, she was trying to help me find a really nice bolo tie as well. We saw the oldest house in the USA, she showed me some very old churches including the cathedral in town. We went to dinner at ANOTHER Mexican Restaurant and I am not complaining one bit. The food in Santa Fe alone is worth taking the trip for.

I'm going to skim through this next part because I don't even know how to explain what the next place we went even was. Look up "Meow Wolf Santa Fe" on google, and if you're ever in town, check it out. It's kind of a mix between an escape room, haunted house, and an art museum. We got done in 30 min what most people couldn't get done in 4 hours. Lol.

After that we drove to Albuquerque for some more fun. Went to a Piano bar that was closing for the night, and then the Casino so she could try to teach me how to play craps...I STILL HAVE NO IDEA lol.

I had to be up early the next morning to drive 10 hours back to Dallas and so we cut it short at 1am haha. She stayed at her friend's house who she works with to get her back to Santa Fe in the morning. It was really hard to say goodbye to her, but I've already made plans to go back in June to see her again.

Thank you Kat for one of the most memorable days I've ever had.

The next day I drove back to Dallas to get ready for my trip to Cleveland for the weekend for Ohio Zeta Day! I'll try to post about that one later today.

Goodnight everyone


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