Workin' for the Weekend

Good Morning Readers,

What an amazing weekend in Arizona! To be completely honest, I was nervous about coming here and how I would handle being in the same city as my ex...but it was a non-issue. After the show at Humble Pie on Thursday, I had 3 more this weekend. The first was La Ristra in Gilbert on Friday night. A few friends arrived early including Sheryl and of course...Tim McGraw!

Ok really, it was April fools when I posted this on Facebook. Almost 200 people either "liked" or commented on the post thinking this was really a picture of me and Tim. This is Lee Crites. He is a professional Tim McGraw impersonator and even does a full show called MyMcgrawShow and a friend I met as an Uber passenger on my way to the airport at 4 am when I lived in AZ. What a great guy! He and Tim were born 3 days apart in the same year and everything...look at how similar they look!

Later Friday night, my friends Ben and Kelsey came out with Ben's brother and a few of their other friends and we all ended up back at Ben's house for a late night jam session. So. Much. Fun. I ended up crashing in their guest room.

Saturday was great too. I got to meet up with my friend Michaela after she got off work and we drove out to Verrado to Tempo Urban Bistro where I was playing that night. Ordered a bottle of wine and dinner and got to catch up. Two of my favorite people in AZ are Karen and Steve (the owners of Tempo). The minute I met them last year they instantly became family. I'm so lucky to have been referred there by another musician out here. If you have the chance to get to this restaurant...don't hesitate. The Lobster Mac and Cheese is unreal...and packed with lobster.

The show went great that night. It was a slower Saturday for them, because of Final Four stuff going on, but the people who were there really enjoyed themselves. My friend Paul and his wife, who live in Deep Ellum in Dallas TX were in town and they showed up to this one. I met Paul last week in Chicago with the group I worked with and we instantly became friends. He's one of the good guys. His wife is so awesome too. Can't wait to get together with them back in Texas!

I almost ended up playing an extra 45 minutes just for fun. The crowd started getting rowdy the later it got haha. A few Oregon fans came in and were requesting some good stuff to sing along with and I tried out some new stuff. It was a great night all around.

Which brings me to Sunday. I can honestly say, Sunday was one of the best days I can remember of 2017. I had a ticket to the DBacks game at 1:15 already with my buddy Nick but I got a message from another friend named Jami who had an extra ticket as well asking if I wanted to go with her. Jami and I went to St. Louis University together and have a ton of mutual friends, but we really didn't know each other in college. When I moved to AZ I noticed we were friends on Facebook and that she lived out here. We tried to piece together if and how we knew each other and came to the conclusion that we had no idea...and that was ok.

Anyway, I told Nick to give away my ticket if he could and everything fell into place nicely. I met up with Nick before the game at an Irish pub called Seamus Mc something for a few pre-game drinks. Nick's buddy Corey was already going and his girlfriend ended up using my ticket. Jami and I sat in the left field bleachers and talked the whole time. She is such an impressive woman it is ridiculous. First, she is a St. Louis Cardinals fan...She is a full time teacher and also runs a social media management company. We discussed her taking over and utilizing Twitter and Facebook for me so that I can reach more people and stay more engaged with listeners.

Between all of this business talk there was a GREAT game going on between the DBacks and the Giants. Madison Bumgarner was on fire for the Giants. Not only did he have a perfect game going through 5 innings...the guy hit 2 home runs on opening day. In the history of baseball no pitcher has ever hit 2 home runs on opening day. Those of you who know me best know that this is exactly the kind of thing I geek out over. To be sitting in the stands during history like that is why I go to as many games as possible.

I had to leave the game early unfortunately, but the DBacks somehow found a way to come back and win in the bottom of the 9th!

I headed to The Living Room at DC Ranch to get set up to start playing at 5pm. I love playing at this place because of the staff, and atmosphere of this place. The guests seem to always love the music too. A lady named Jennifer and her fiancee' came up to see me as I will be playing live at their wedding in May in Kansas City! It was so nice to meet them in person and I can't wait for their big day.

My friend Kelly also joined last night with her boyfriend Rick. I haven't seen Kelly since my days as a DJ at Hotshots in downtown St. Louis before and after every Cardinals home game. That woman hasn't aged a day. It was so nice to see her again.

It also took a little convincing at the game, but I got Jami to come out to the show that night too. She had a bunch of work to do, but she pushed it off to come hang out. Thanks so much Jami!

The weather was perfect, the crowd was really into the music, and the staff is always so great there. I was supposed to be finished by 8pm but ended up going until about 9:15...I was so happy my last show in AZ went so well I just didn't want to stop!

Today is a big day. I'm meeting up with Brad Amick from Halocene to record some of my new originals. "Drunk Last Night" is first up, then "Just Passin' Through".

I plan on coming back out here when our schedules will allow and will hopefully have a full EP finished by the end of June. Stay Tuned!

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