The original title of this post was On. A. Roll.

Well today has been interesting to say the least and it's only noon.

It started out EARLY. Woke up at 6am after a long night of entertaining and eating some Gino's East with the group. I made a game plan to get all of the equipment that I wasn't using back into the van before the first session started at 7:30. I parked the van outside the closest door to the room where the sessions had been taking place since Sunday, which is where the event planner told me to park Sunday. I was parked there for about 4 hours on Sunday with no issues...

Anyway, I got all of the equipment I wasn't using loaded up in the van with the help of a bellman just in the nick of time. I got back inside to start the music and change the batteries in the microphone right at 7:30. The day started out great.

As I mentioned yesterday, sitting in these meetings gets me really motivated to do better myself, my business, and my music. One of the sentences that has always stuck with me over the years is "It takes money to make money"...and "Investing in yourself is the best investment that you can make!" Well, over the last couple days I thought of ways to fund my original music goals and the first plan I came up with is merchandise!

I've decided to name my first tour "The Drunk Last Night Tour with Charlie Barrale"...named after a song I recently wrote that I am truly proud of. It is the first of 3 new songs I will be recording over the next couple of months. Well, I created some custom T-shirts and ordered them this morning at 9:30!

There are 3 different colors...Black, Maroon, and light blue and sizes ranging from S-XXL. They will be on sale in the next couple of weeks at $15.00 each and will be for sale both online and at my shows. This is why the post was originally going to be "On.A.Roll."

Well, about 30 seconds after I pushed "Buy" I looked outside and saw that my van was GONE! Well...turns out...the hotel called the police and had it towed. That's not the original story I was told by the security guard. After speaking with him I realized how full of SH*T he was. His story was that he, nor his security team had anything to do with my van getting towed but that the cops saw that the Van was in a fire zone and they decided to tow it and that he didn't even know it was happening before the police were already there...

The hotel is private property and the van was parked way out of sight from the street or anywhere a patrol officer would have ever seen it unless they were called. Sarah and I spoke with the event manager on site asking why we weren't just asked to move it. It had only been parked there for about 2 hours. Again, on Sunday I was told to park there and was there for 4 hours! The event manager was taken back and embarrassed by the whole situation and was very apologetic, but the security guard stood by his story and was being an arrogant FU**. He kept offering to give me the phone number to call. I demanded that he call the police and figure out the situation since this is the hospitality business. Right?!

The cops arrive and immediately start getting all over me about how it's all my fault and how I shouldn't have ever parked there and asked how long I had been parked there. I told them and they were shocked when I told them the truth. lol. I also noted that the event manager had me park there on Sunday for set-up and that I was parked there for 4 hours blah blah blah and that there was no place that said where I parked was a "fire zone" He took me outside to show me, and guess what...where I was parked wasn't the "fire zone" but I was apparently "blocking the exit door" which the tire marks prove that I was not. There was no way I was going to win the argument, but when the officer told me that SECURITY CALLED THEM WHICH IS WHY THEY WERE THERE...I went completely off on the security guard when I got back inside...enough so that the officer told me that I needed to calm down.

To make things worse, I called the tow yard and they told me that I would not be able to pick it up myself because it is a rental car...I was completely freaking out considering tear down is at 2pm and I have to be back in St. Louis tonight to catch a 6am flight tomorrow to Dallas to drive to Phoenix by Thursday at 5pm.

Well...the police officers were able to help as they could see there were a lot of miscommunications between security, the event manager, and me. They got the tow yard to release it to me, and got me the document I needed to get it released, the hotel set up a cab for me to get there. I paid $230.00 and got a $100.00, and the Hotel is paying for both.

I think 900 words is enough for the day. :)

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