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Good morning readers. It's 8:00am on Monday morning. Now, for most of you this is normal. I'm talking about the whole, "waking up at 6:30 or earlier, getting ready, and heading to work" thing. For me, it hasn't been normal since high school. Monday's are usually my favorite day of the week. Monday = My Saturday

Well, not today. Today I woke up in Chicago at the Westin O'hare for the third big event, far from Dallas, in the last week. My good friend Sarah is an event planner for a building products company based out of St. Louis and hires my company to run the A/V and entertainment for all of their national meetings and events! Now, I absolutely love sleep, but I really like these people a lot, so I really can't complain. Right now, the CEO is on stage motivating his General Managers from all over the country as they unveil a new product.

Sitting in meetings like this always sparks my creativity and motivates me to be better...a better boss, a more efficient worker, and more organized. So what can I do? What is next? Well, when it comes to my music I've decided that I will start setting higher goals and working towards achieving them in whatever time I have after all of the "Work Work" is done. Those of you who are closest to me know that lately, and for the first time in 7 years, my writers block is gone. I've been writing a ton and currently have 3 or 4 "recording ready" songs, and plan on getting them down over the next couple weeks. My ultimate goal is to hear at least one of my original songs on the radio by the end of 2017.

I've also decided I am going to start searching for a REAL manager. I'm looking for someone who can use what little time I have available and make the most of it. Ideally, I would like to play shows in all of the cities I am already working in so that the travel can be funded by the work side of my life. This person or group would obviously need to have some strong connections to the music industry and be a hustler like me. I'm taking applications.

Enjoy your week.

Stay tuned and check out the Facebook page starting on Thursday. I'll be playing at Humble Pie in Happy Valley AZ that evening, La Ristra New Mexican Grill in Gilbert AZ Friday, Tempo Urban Bistro in Buckeye AZ on Saturday, and the Living Room at DC Ranch in Scottsdale AZ on Sunday. I start recording on Monday and I may be able to post some of that live as well.

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