Beef Sticks and Butterfingers

As I'm driving to the next stop, (Chicago) I have a chance to look back on how I got here.  I am truly blessed.  Sure, the road is lonely, but I don't know many people who get to travel like this...for themselves...

I started working for another DJ company when I was 13 years old.  I would get dropped off at Bar and Bat mitzfas to help the owner set up, tear down, and in between I would teach kids my own age to do the line dances (electric slide, Macarena, etc...) I do a mean Macarena.  At 16 I was already doing corporate events by myself, driving long distances on the weekends.  I learned a lot from that guy...both what TO do and what NOT to do in business and life in general. 

I started my own business at 18 with a set of DJ equipment I bought on EBay for less than $500.00.  I never wanted to be in a fraternity, but I wanted to go to all of the parties, hit on all the same girls, and get paid for it...was that too much to ask? 

Fast forward a few years, my business is growing exponentially and I need some help..bad.  I already had guys working for me, but one stood ahead of the pack.  Cue Jud Mehler.  Lead singer of a killer rock band in DeSoto MO and one hell of an insurance salesman for State Farm.  He was organized, driven, and a very fast learner.  I knew I had either trained my competition or my partner...Jud is a guy you want on your team.  We re-named the business to "You Call It Entertainment" and started an acoustic duo called "Those Guys" in St. Louis.  He quit his job at State Farm and the band broke up. 

We are still going stronger than ever almost 8.5 years later.  We talk every day about business, his kids, his amazing wife Tiff, whatever girl I'm dating at the time, whatever hobby I've jumped into...and more often than not we talk about all of those things in the same conversation. 

If it wasn't for this man, I wouldn't be able to pursue this music thing like I am.  I wouldn't be able to keep my calendar straight, and I would probably be broke.  


I bought some beef sticks and butterfingers for this drive and I thought it made for a good title for this blog post.

Oh, and I played guitar and sang for 800 Zetas from Virginia today.   I'd put today in the win column.

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